Jul 072011

Geopic II on Nikon D3s, it works on any Nikon with a 10 pin plug

A new piece of equipment that I first tried in Scotland and which was very successful was the Geopic II GPS for Nikon SLR’s. The aim of using a GPS with a digital camera is to embed the location from where the photograph was taken in to the photograph’s metadata.

I have tried other GPS solutions in the past but the problem has always been synchronizing the GPS with the photos.

The Geopic II is connected to the camera’s 10pin remote socket and the GPS information is written into the photo immediately, therefore, there is no need to synchronize devices later.

The Geopic II isn’t the only solution for Nikon SLR’s but it had great reviews and is an excellent price. It also incorporates the heading information so that you know in which direction you were pointing for each photo, in my opinion heading is a very useful piece of information that is missing from many camera GPS options.

Also, this unit unlike many others includes a remote socket which allows you to record GPS information and fire the camera remotely when taking long exposures.

In Africa the Geopic II was again invaluable for logging the location of each photograph.

You won’t find the second useful accessory in camera stores, in fact you can only find it at MEC in Canada. The MEC Aegir 20 pack is a completely waterproof pack that uses a zipper to seal it. I have used similar packs in the past but always found their zippers to be hard to close. This pack is lightweight, a great price and saved my very expensive 300mm f2.8 lens when I was capsized by a hippo.

Large Aquatech Soft Hood on Nikon's 600mm f4 lens

The third and final piece of equipment that I also found useful was a folding lens hood for my Nikon 600mm f4 lens. The 600mm f4 will actually fit inside a large number of camera bags, but it’s huge 7.5 inch x 5 inch (19cm x 13cm) hood will not! Using this lens without a hood is not an option, the best solution that I have found is the Aquatech Softhood. The hood is not cheap and it is not much lighter than the original hood but it is very strong, waterproof and folds flat or folds in half. It is available in two sizes, depending upon which telephoto lens you use.

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