Jun 202010

Summer is here and it’s time to travel or enjoy the outdoors. What would be a great compact camera to take on your adventures? dpreview.com recently reviewed 10 compact cameras to determine the best one for travelling.

The winners were surprising with the Casio FH100 and Samsung HZ35W coming out on top. The strengths of these cameras were their excellent image quality (both indoors and outdoors), flash capability, build quality and ergonomics. In addition, the Casio has high speed shooting capability and the Samsung has a built in GPS (however, the GPS does seem to have some issues).

Other cameras that did well are; Sony HX5, Panasonic ZS5 and Panasonic ZS7 (the latter has a built in GPS) and the Canon Powershot SX210IS.
These cameras are from well known manufacturers so why didn’t they win?

The reviewers found that the Sony HX5 was slow operationally and had a frustrating interface. The Panasonic ZS5 and ZS7 are excellent camera’s but the reviewers found them expensive compared to the competition. However, if you want GPS in your compact camera then the Panasonic ZS7 is probably the best camera to get.

Finally, the Canon SX210IS has some great features but suffers from soft images compared to it’s competitors.

One thing is for certain, compact cameras that offer great versatility and great image quality are finally coming of age.

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