May 232010

As promised, here is a list of books and DVD’s for my returning Galapagos and Napo guests. It includes the  ‘Birds of Peru’ field guide which my guide recommends as it also contains the birds that we saw in the Amazon Basin.

Recommended Galapagos Books

Mar 242010

After my recommendation of Joe McNally’s “The Moment It Clicks” both Jean Parboosingh and Heather Simonds recommended Joe’s latest book; “The Hot Shoe Diaries”. It is pretty amazing what Joe gets up to with a small flash!

I’m getting my head around finding stars so I’ve bought a few books to help. The best book so far is “Nightwatch….” It is simple to understand, starts at the basics but has a lot of depth and lots of great photos and diagrams. If only I had taken a red flashlight in to the field, then I’d have been able to use it!

If you have any other favourite books that you’d recommend then please let me know.

Mar 132010

A few years ago, my brother Chris and I enrolled on a lighting workshop taught by Joe McNally in Rockport.

We had a fabulous week, learnt a lot and had fun.

Not only is Joe a master of lighting, he also tells incredibly funny stories.

During the workshop, Joe mentioned that he was writing a book. The result was ‘The moment it clicks’ a very funny and informative book about lighting and an insight in to the life of one of the worlds top professional photographers.

I highly recommend it!