Mar 182010

My eldest daughter Erin has been expressing a lot of interest in space and astronomy. I’ve always been fascinated with the night sky but my ‘astro navigation’ is very weak.

In past few weeks I’ve been doing some research, bought a pair of very bright binoculars and last Saturday we headed out to Bow Valley Provincial Park to look at the stars. I picked a clear night with no moon and the number of stars we saw was amazing.

I still find star charts a bit perplexing so during the week I wondered if there was an iPhone application that would show the position of interesting celestial objects from your current position. There are actually plenty of apps but the one I downloaded was free and is called Planets.

It is simple to use and an added bonus for photographers is that it also tells you the sunset and sunrise times for your location.

If you have an iPhone then check it out.

As my knowledge of astronomy increases, I am hoping to use it to do some astrophotography later in the year. Keep checking the blog to see what happens and what I learn along the way.

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